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“To walk down a new path, you have to leave the old one – the one that everyone else takes.”

2009, Lars Riedel, Olympic Champion, discus


„High Performance is fun with accuracy and consistency. Our training offers effective tools toward integrating body, mind and soul to heighten vitality, clarity and tranquility.“

Anne Merrem,
High Performance Coach

High Performance -

Awaken your own World-Class!

We love to witness when people give their best - in sports, in music, in business. We love the feeling when we push our own limits. We also love to see it in our teams, our colleagues, our children.

Be honest: which of your best performances are you thinking of right now?

My goal is your goal. I accompany and observe you. I encourage you to discover your best, to develop it and to show it. In business. In sports. For yourself. For your team.

My approach is called High Performance Coaching. It is conceivably simple: what works for world class athletes can also work for you. I incorporate methods and give you tools that have ensured success for Olympic and world champions.

Are you ready for YOUR high performance?