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Young people are fascinating us …

… with their high energy and their ability to dedicate themselves wholly to what makes them curious! High performance coaching finds its place when the 'normal' development is hindered; when self-doubt, distractions, weak concentration and difficulties in social integration seem overwhelming. We free energies that are stuck, fun with play can return and performance is heightened. eleMental fitness addresses the whole being: body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.

Anne Merrem

Lasting Enthusiasm!

Young people enjoy various aspects in sports: fun, success, and playing with their friends. They bring full engagement to the activity - and at the same time, they can be distracted and afraid - of losing or winning, of gaining or giving up respect in their social environment. Here, a coach motivates, encourages, gives feedback and acknowledgment and notices the smaller and larger successes.

I have been coaching children and youth in close collaboration with coaches for more than 10 years - be it in individual pursuits or team-sports such as volleyball, basketball or soccer. They are driven by having fun with performance and in games in practice and competition. If tough training can also be fun, kids are in!

This is the red thread in my youth coaching: focus on high energy, enjoyment, a clear mind clarity about what it is that they are learning. Success and defeat, focus on middle- and long-term goals, precision in executing movement sequences and plays - young people stay hungry as long as they stay curious about their activities. Assisting them in getting better is a special challenge - and also a exhilarating experience, shared by coaches, parents, and our young athletes.

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