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Recommended by Professionals


“Anne works in a result-oriented manner. She empowers her clients to a high performance because she has high expectations for them and employs simple, yet challenging teaching and coaching approaches."

2006, Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Anne has the ability to make students feel at ease and yet demands much from them ... As a person, I would recommend her as an excellent role model for whoever believes they can achieve and excel in their personal goals.”

2006, Margaret Jensen, BSU, Master’s Program

“Anne Merrem is a great person to work with in any professional or personal endeavor. She is a positive individual who incorporates her variety of skills to encourage, mentor, and coach individuals and/or groups. I recommend her as an effective high performance coach for any goal seeking and goal pursuing journey.”

2007, Khadevis Robinson, Olympian, 800m

"Coaches Gray & Merrem are responsible that 1) overall, this year, the team did not suffer severe injuries and reached a big achievement in this rigorous sport. 2) The mental attitude is a lot stronger. Together Gray & Merrem know running well and can identify and work on running style BEFORE injuries occur. They both believe in the TEAM (together everyone can achieve more) and pursuing victory with honor philosophy. These are important lessons for our kids to learn and since Coaches Gray and Merrem have just begun to work with HW students on a regular basis, I and other parents on the team believe that it is important that both coaches be given a chance to continue their relationship with the our kids and HW'.

2008, Races Coordinator, Harvard Westlake

"Her [Anne’s] educational and personal background is rich from many perspectives. Her ability to distill the essence of our American culture and her European culture to its base with respect to social issues, emotions, conflicts, dreams, and personalities is a rare gift".

2009,  Edwin Moses, unbeaten in the 400 m hurdles in 122 races

“Anne hat beim SCC Berlin (Volleyball) unseren Jungs (U16) beim Mentalcoaching geholfen und mit den Athleten hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt. Sie hat dazu beigetragen, aus einem pubertierenden Team eine Mannschaft zu formen und damit geholfen, sportliche Erfolge zu erreichen, die ohne ihre Mitarbeit nicht möglich gewesen wären. So haben wir’s geschafft, bei den Deutschen Meisterschaften 2010 die Finals zu erreichen. Wir möchten ihr hierfür danken.”

2010, Stefan Benderoth, youth coach, SCC Volleyball, Berlin

„It has been said that a great teacher never strives to explain his or her vision; they simply invite you to stand beside them and see for yourself. Anne Merrem embodies this extraordinary quality of independence to not only see for herself, but continue to reach for excellence in education and beyond. By persevering to raise her expectations and sights she is endowed with the resourcefulness to impeccably bridge the gap between eastern and western teachings.”

2010, Michiko Rolek, author of Mental Fitness

„Anne Merrem lead a daylong seminar for 25 participants on behalf of CMS AG, Berlin. The topic was: Mental Training – innovative Approaches for Mental Fitness.
She facilitated enriching insights and recognition for timing and structuring in project management for our participants, who work in consulting. One of the central results was the understanding that working on one‘s own habits and organization is the foundation for improved work-life balance.“

2010, Claudia Vogt-Jung, Brand-Manager, CMS AG

"Anne had the understanding of what was essential. Often we lose ourselves in secondary thoughts. Her help enabled me to focus on what was fundamental. I can say with excitement that the projects she accompanied me with were a total success – sometimes even with unexpected results."

2011, Oliver Wagner, Radio-Journalist, Berlin

„Anne Merrem lead our 1st Bundesliga women’s volleyball team through a series of coaching sessions with the whole team. As the team’s coaches we felt it was necessary to strengthen the openness and the teamspirit within the team. After the sessions we were able to observe increased awareness, joy, stability and improved communication among the players as well as increased concentration in subsequent practices and games. Mrs. Merrem’s approach is practical and unconventional – she reaches the athletes who stay open towards her work.“

2011, Michael Merten and Volker Knedel, trainer team SC Potsdam Volleyball