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“Flow happens when everything comes together and all aspects of your moment have arranged themselves to present the perfect life experience. It is not “hit and miss”; it is a state that needs to be pursued and begs for almost constant underlying high energy, excitement, and drive. It takes energy, and it gives back even more.

Anne Merrem


The good news about flow: it is attainable for everyone. There is no need to be a superstar in any particular sport or occupation. No need to be rich. No need to aim for getting rich. It is what life wants for us. We can all experience it.”

Anne Merrem


  • Personal Best
  • Our Way to Success
  • Bestform in Sport and Business
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Fun, Curiosity and Success
  • Born to be Wild
  • Recognizing, keeping and increasing energy
  • Communication – Key to Elevating Performance

Presentations for personal

High Performance

11.8.2008 “Coaching Evening – Series”
studio a, Anne Merrem, Santa Monica

1.9.2008 “Integrated Training: Movement, Observation, Insight”
Harvard Westlake, Vortrag für die Eltern des Cross Country Teams

20.12.2008 “High Performance, Coaching, Training, Executing”
Anne Merrem and Johnny Gray, USA Track & Field Education Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada

5.1.2009 “How to talk to Men”
Anne Merrem and Pia von den Hoff, Hilversum, Holland

26.2.2009 “The Power of You, Amazon Herbs”
Anne Merrem and Patty Gleeson, Malibu

30.3.2009 “High Performance Coaching, Awareness and Leadership Training”
UCLA Middle and Long Distance Team Men and Women, Los Angeles

2.4.2009 “Self Esteem and Motivation, Coaching the female high school athlete”
Nike Coaches Education series, Los Angeles

9.9.2009 “The Mind is the Final Frontier – Laufen mit mentalem Turboantrieb”
KaRo Coaching, Charlottenburg

14.9.2009 „Fitness the Fun Way“
Ganzheitliches Fitnesstraining mit Fokus auf Core Strength, Balance, Ausdauer, Flexibilität, Macoweda Institut – 10 Wochen Serie

29.10.2009 “Von der Neugierde zum Erfolg - Wesentliche Bestandteile der High Performance”
Sport & Business After Work Lounge, Berlin

11.11.2009 “Born to be Wild”
John F. Kennedy Schule, Berlin

24.2.2010 „Kommunikationsmuster“
Institut für High Performance, Berlin

18.3.2010 „Leistung und Erfolg“
Institut für High Performance, Berlin

19.9.2010 „Essen als Energiespender“
Kurzvortrag, Roesler Coaching, Berlin

10.11.10 „Mentale Fitness und Work-Life Balance“
CMS AG, Berlin

22.10.10 “Normal ist, wenn es (noch) Spaß macht“
Biogenes, Frankfurt

6.9.11 “Schwungvoll und elegant durch die Jahrzehnte“
Rathaus-Apotheke Berlin

3.11.11 “Schöne Beine“
Business Angels Club Berlin Brandenburg e.V.