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State-of-the-Art High Performance Tools:

  • A-Game
  • eleMental Skills Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Consistency and Accuracy
  • Observation
  • Feedback
  • Acknowledgment
  • Breathing and Rhythm
  • Zen and FunZen

“A team is only as strong as the people on it, and having Anne Merrem helps the strength of our JS Ann Associates Youth Foundation team! We are happy to have her on board.”

Johnny Gray

High Performance Coaching -
the new Sport and Business Psychology

Left brain, right brain. Yin and Yang. Individual and Society. Nature and Nurture. Western and Eastern wisdom... the world is packed with opposites that belong together.

My High Performance Coaching successfully unites opposites and dualistic thinking into a holistic approach. We combine insight into personality and character...

  • Thought processes
  • Speech patterns
  • Social, cultural and personal features
  • Perspectives
  • Evaluation and Judgment

... with the knowledge of how training effects thoughts, body, emotions, and spirit – physiologically and energetically.

Behavior, attitude, thinking and energy are linked to gain a new angle and awaken dormant energy resources. In doing so, change happens:

  • From stagnation to acceleration
  • From complaining to excitement
  • From stress to aliveness
  • From analysis to innovation
  • From mission to leadership
  • From general to specific
  • In short: from negative to positive energy

Coaching is highly individual. We connect mind, body and soul and create an innovative and inspiring action basis. In sport and in business.