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“Critical thinking is not the ability to criticize, rather it is about making distinctions, seeing differences without judging.”

Anne Merrem

Recommended by world class athletes

Of course, champions have talent. But here is what sets them apart from other people with talent: their will, their determination, their curiosity and readiness to learn and to grow. In over 20 years of working with successful athletes in individual and team sports I have extracted these rules:

  1. Attitude is the foundation for high performance. Awake, self-determined, authentic, positive. Moving with passion and zest toward the next level.

  2. Positive energy means: toss out mental blocks! Bring on the flow!

  3. EleMental Fitness (thoughts, emotions, spirit) is as important as physical fitness.

  4. To increase concentration is to be 100% present in the moment. In training. In competition. In negotiations. In presentation and representation.

  5. High performance is propelled by movement. Your deliberate skillful movement can move others.

  6. Repetition is the mother of skill. Fun with attention to detail keeps it interesting. Again and again, until it becomes second nature.

  7. Training composition follows a pattern: rules, tools, goals, results. And: plan, action, distinction, connection, creation.

  8. Communication lifts performance to high performance. Self-talk, communication with coach, team, friends, family – and considering tone, intent, perspective.

  9. Finding balance – always: tension and relaxation; stress and recreation.

  10. Winners learn – always. Winning or losing. After the game is before the next game.