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“To walk down a new path, you have to leave the old one – the one that everyone else takes.”

2009, Lars Riedel, Olympic Champion, discus


Empowering the playmaker

You are the playmaker – in business or in sports. You determine the direction. You lead. You carry responsibility for your team and their success.

As a playmaker you have a major assignment: to bring out the best in your team. To develop potential. To create and design change. To define and pursue victory. Or simply: to grow.

At the Institute for High Performance I strengthen the playmaker in you. With my training you wake up, become more effective, more accurate, more fulfilled. You receive my passes and successfully finish. I make sure your energy goes up and you enjoy the process.

Looking for the most direct way? Look forward to the passes you are about to receive. Deep passes, short passes, give and go passes – any speed you choose. Bright, open, inspiring. And – you can depend on this – outside of the box.

You want to play effortlessly? Look forward to it.