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„When looking for diamonds, expect to find diamonds!”


The goal determines the direction. To reach the goal is the assignment. Completing the assignment enriches your experience. This results in personal development and professional growth.

Anne Merrem

Become your own business incubator!

Be honest now: how is your energy?

Perfect? Alright? Could be better?  – Whatever it may be: you can clearly gain an advantage in business by shifting towards positive energy – especially when pressures and responsibilities weigh heavy on your shoulders. What do you need? Only you know – and in coaching, you are guided to find your own answers reliably. We keep the ‘art’ in ‘smart’. Your performance becomes brilliant once again.

I will be your guide on the way to „back on course“: you will receive feedback, stimuli, and a change of perspective.

Get to know your team again and learn to lead with an innovative approach. As a leader you readily take on responsibility for yourself and the decisions you make. You lead by example and boost the connection within your team and with you as their leader.

World class tools for executives and coaches
What works for world class athletes we can utilize in everyday business and/or coaching: capitalizing from focus, consistency, endurance, diligence, discipline and teamspirit.


Look at it from the athletic point of view! It will get you to the finish line!