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Rich life experience – the most valuable gift to share

The question „What has made you strong?“ is directly connected to the question „Who has made you strong?“. Many wonderful people have accompanied me on my way. Each of them has influenced me in their special way.

“Anne works in a result-oriented manner. She empowers her clients to a high performance because she has high expectations for them and employs simple, yet challenging teaching and coaching approaches."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Anne is an honest, motivated, sincere and professional person, and she will probably always strive to perform to the best of her abilities. In the production office, she exhibited efficiency and promptness, using her outstanding skills to work with other people to a maximum."

Robert Redford

"Her [Anne’s] educational and personal background is rich from many perspectives. Her ability to distill the essence of our American culture and her European culture to its base with respect to social issues, emotions, conflicts, dreams, and personalities is a rare gift".

Edwin Moses, unbeaten in the 400 m hurdles in 122 races, two Olympic gold medals.